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We work to promote and
aid all animal rights
Causes, events, protests
And groups.
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Get more visitors to your website

Search Engine Optimisation

Okay so your group/cause/campaign has a website, now its time to get people to visit it.

The main goal is to get to the top space on Google (and other search engines) when you search for your group/campaign/cause.

Aslong as your groups name is somewhat unique and not In direct competition with a well established website you will have no problem at all

Just follow theese steps and you will be on your way.

#1. Sync with your social Networks

Google likes Facebook, Twitter and all the others.

Make sure all the correct fields on your social networking pages have your website address in all the appropriate fields.

If your facebook/twitter is especially popular Google will assume that your website is especially important.

#2. Add your site to directories

Google Takes particular interest in directories. It is also usefull for people looking for local contacts. If you havn’t already get you website listed in these sites, do it.

This website, Veggies Directory,, animal rescuers,,,, dmoz,

Some (but not all groups will benefit from adding to these additional websites).

Wikipedia list of animal rights groups, Wikipedia list of animal welfare groups, Hunt saboteur association. Animal liberation Hallmarks, Shac Contact list,

#3. Swap links

Team up with other groups in your area. And share links on each others websites. Google will notice if your website provides good usefull links and this also creates a good relationship with other groups in your area

Try starting with your local Hunt Saboteur group , Anti Fascists group, activist community centres, Earth Fist group, No Borders group, Animal sanctuary, Anti Cuts group, Indymedia.

#4. Post link to your website wherever possible

This includes:

- with every blog/indymedia post and comment

- add website to signature if you are active on any web forums

- at the end of emails

- on leaflets / business cards

- on posters plackards

- in the corner of digital photos