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We work to promote and
aid all animal rights
Causes, events, protests
And groups.
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Social Networking Advice
#1. Make Sure All Fields Are filled In Correct

make sure to take advantage of all the profile space you have by adding a picture, putting up information about your organization, providing links back to your website and so on. This way others know you’re a real group doing real things.

#2. Save Time

Whats the point of updating your website, blog, twitter, facebook one at a time when you can have them all update automatically.

Take advantage of free services such as RSS Grafiti and Twitterfeed so you only have to post your news once.

#3. Combine Feeds

Lets say you have a facebook/twitter page for a large region with many active groups (lets say East Anglia for example) or maby its a cause with many groups involved (for example hunt sabbing)

Using yahoo pipes you can combine news feed from all the groups of interest into a single news feed. You can then use RSS Grafiti or Twitterfeed to have an automatically updating page with news from all the groups you have selected

#4. Post Useful Content

Chances are your followers followed you to keep up to date with what your doing and when, so try and keep it close to that rather than posting every online petition you come across in combination with thousands of pictures of adorable kittens and aw full poetry.

I know this shouldn't need to be said but for reasons unknown it does.

#5. Facebook: Profile, Group or Page

Many people wonder which is best to promote their group on facebook, it depends on what your group does and how public you want to be.

Profile: best for privacy (well as private as facebook can be) - generally used by hunt sab groups who wish to keep in touch and send around messages.

Group: Perfect for plotting - the best for local groups who need to keep chatting and updating plans

Page: Best for the Masses - the most public ally visable of the three, perfect for raising an army/movement/following (whatever you want to call it) for a large campaign/organisation.

The more people view and post on your page, the more publicly visible your page will be. So get talking, ask for opinions, answer questions and get conversations flowing.

Make sure your groups Display image Is bold and clear, so it stands out amongst many others.

Make sure your tweets are retweetable by leaving the same amount of characters as your username free plus six characters.

#6. Get Chatting 
#7. Stand Out 
#8. Short Tweets 
#9. Like, Share, Comment

Given the nature of Facebook’s algorithms for delivering Top News and Favourites to users from their connections it’s vital to Like; Share; Comment.  By sharing you are giving what you’re sharing authenticity in recommending it. Liking provides reinforcement, sharing being a higher valued metric.

Commenting on what you’re sharing or liking gives even greater authenticity and credibility as you have invested in providing something of yourself in sharing or liking something.