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We work to promote and
aid all animal rights
Causes, events, protests
And groups.
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A quick guide to get you started

Starting Your Own Animal Rights Group

Step 1: Finding Interested People

The most important thing an animal rights group need is people in your area to join in.

Start by dropping a post in our forum in the appropriate area (eg. East midlands) stating that you intend to start a group in a certain area (lots of animal rights activists know people from all over, you may get lucky).

Secondly ask some national organisations if they can put there local members in contact with you. Peta and Animal Aid are known for doing this.

Next try the whole Facebook thing. Set up a page for your group and make sure to post a link on our page so we can share it around. Another good tip is to use Google to find interested facebook users in your area. Simply type a location and a few keywords followed by ‘’ (eg. Manchester Vegan Animal rights Have a scan through, you should find a good few people to contact.

Now its time to leaflet, knock up a few leaflets/posters stating your intent to form a group , and put them up in suitable paces, this will probably be health food shops and vegetarian cafe’s.

A good idea will also to contact groups of other causes (eg. Earth first, anti fascist or  hunt saboteur groups) they will likely have interested people.

Step 2: Find Your Neighbours

There will most likely be atleast one animal rights group near you, find them  here and contact them, they will help you out getting up and running and will more than likely attend some of your events and demonstrations.

Step 3: Set up a Meeting

Once you feel that you have enough people onboard, you should organise an informal meeting to meet eachother and get a good idea of what everyone wants to do, usually this is in a quiet pub with large tables.

Some groups concentrate on protests, while other groups focus on handing out vegetarian/vegan literature. Remember, there is room in the animal rights movement for all sorts of ideas and tactics. Once you have connected with other local activists, you are bound to have all sorts of ideas about how to create an animal rights community in your area.

Step 4: Set up a email system

An internal email list is brilliant for  an animal rights group to plan various things (this is an email list where everyone can reply to each other)

We can happily set one up for your group just send us a message and we will set it up and tell you how to add/remove emails from it.

Step 5: Get a website

If nobody in you group knows how to make a website give us an message and we will see if we can get one set up for you.

Step 6: Add to directories

Many people search for animal rights groups through certain directories, make sure your website/facebook is on :

This website, Veggies Directory,, animal rescuers,,,, dmoz,

Some (but not all groups will benefit from adding to these additional websites).

Wikipedia list of animal rights groups, Wikipedia list of animal welfare groups, Hunt saboteur association. Animal liberation Hallmarks, Shac Contact list,


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